Karmic Kuestion

Today I checked online and read that NFL receiver Chris Henry was in the hospital with head injuries.  When I went to check ESPN a couple hours later, the idea came into my head, “I bet he died,” and sure enough he did.  I felt badly about my nonchalant prediction, and wondered in what way it spoke poorly about me.

A woman on the subway asked the car for money.  She seemed pretty seriously on hard times, but she was kind of rude, and I didn’t want to pull my wallet out in the middle of the car, so I didn’t give her anything.  It’s very cold today.

After work I encountered a small school bus honking incessantly because two parked cars were preventing it from completed a turn.  It looked like the bus actually could squeeze through, but I didn’t stop to help spot the driver.*

I’m flying to Ecuador tomorrow, and both flights and travel make me more sensitive than I normally am to jinxes, bad karma, and the like (example: “I didn’t tip that cab driver very well.  I hope I don’t get mugged in Tokyo”).  So, what do I make of…

…finding $80 lying on the sidewalk tonight?

It’s sitting on my desk, looking at me with suspicion.  I don’t deserve it.  I’m wiling to bet I need it less than whomever lost it.  I wonder if I’ll get mugged by a llama.

*On this subject, however, c’mon.  Honking incessantly because a legally-parked car in a residential neighborhood is preventing you from making a turn?  How many people are going to hear you honking and think, “Hey.  I bet that’s my car blocking a vehicle in some way,” drop whatever they’re doing, and run outside to check?  This is why, as Mitch Hedberg advocated, you should get 3 honks a month.

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