You Fools! You Poor, Poor Fools!

It seems that news articles about closing the Guantanamo Bay prison usually involve hand-wringing or full-out hysterics about the dangers of transferring these prisoners to jails near American communities!

That shining beacon on the hill, FoxNews, offers this report on a plan to move some Gitmo detainees to an under-utilized maximum security prison in Illinois.*  CNN has a similar report, although CNN doesn’t use words like “sleepy town” and “terrorist attacks.”

FoxNews’ concern is, of course, completely reasonable.  Everybody knows that foreign terrorists, unlike American-born psychopaths, are unstable psychic bombs waiting to go off.  The closer they get to our cherished American values, the greater the kinetic power latent in their unstable psyches grows and metastasizes.  Dick Cheney told us to prepare for the 1% worst case scenario, and when it comes to jailing terrorists on American soil, we know what that 1% scenario looks like:


If only Tetsuo had been held in an illegal prison away from Neo-Tokyo!

*Who knew there were any prisons in the US that weren’t already overflowing with inmates?  Not I.

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