Proper Naming Sequence

I’ve never read any of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time fantasy series.  But the 12th book is coming out soon, and it is titled, “The Gathering Storm.”  Seriously?  That’s the name for the twelfth book?  If the storm isn’t coming until the twelfth, or perhaps the thirteenth book, what has been going on all this time?  “The Gathering Storm” is what you name the 2nd book in your trilogy.  Hell, Winston Churchill’s six volume, 4,700-page history of World War II starts with “Volume 1: The Gathering Storm.”

Robert Jordan and his co-author(s) better spend six books sorting out that storm, if they’ve made their readers wait this long for it to gather.


2 thoughts on “Proper Naming Sequence

  1. Jess

    heya, the storm is the final battle. This is the 3rd book before that battle – 2 more to come. This was supposed to be the last book according to Jordan before he died, but then Sanderson came in, saw his notes and was like… I think I can do it in 3?! It was actually really good. If you like fantasy at all, Jordan is awesome to read. Really intricate worlds, political, magic, etc.

  2. nmirra Post author

    So what will the next book be called? “Storm Still Gathering, Folks”? I love it when someone roots through a deceased author’s notes for a book and realizes, “Hey, I can stretch this into three and increase sales!”


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