The idea for this blog is making a collection point for the various stories, essays, articles and unclassifyiables I find myself writing, here or elsewhere.  With such a personal focus, let’s start with a porn joke.

Porn name: Ebenezer Splooge

Genre: mature, moral-lesson-based porn

Example plot line: Ebenezer visits his sexy friend’s house.  They bone on the couch.  Through a window Ebenezer sees the friend’s sexy neighbor forcibly taking money from a beggar child.  Vicious rumors are spread through the neighborhood, causing the neighbor much distress.  More boning.  Later it comes out that the neighbor was taking back money the child had stolen.  Ebenezer learns a lesson about the dangers of gossip.  Ebenezer bones the neighbor.

Format: viewable on one of those boxy peep show machines you put a nickle into and then peer into a viewfinder.  Also available for Mutoscope.


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